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School Adventure Trail Designs

Bring out the child in your planning, as you get imaginative with the playground space. It’s amazing how easy it is to turn land into an exciting obstacle course. There’s an assortment of advantages to utilising the playground area- adventure trails and other obstacle courses can make the most of little room- this in-turn enables more kids to play, all at once.

School adventure trail designs can be exhilarating school inclusions and as the years go on, we are seeing more and more introduced to school premises. A trail design can consist of various kinds of play area equipment including ‘monkey bars’, balance beams, traversing and climbing apparatuses.

Each of the previously discussed all come with their own advantages too, not only do they enable a school to make more of the space, but also give kids the opportunity to develop their coordination, physical and cognitive skills.

Learning may seem as though it is all classroom-based, but you’d be wrong to assume that is where lessons finish. The playground provides many a lesson, not only for motor skills but for social and problem-solving too.

Read on to find out what types of trails, equipment and playgrounds are available, as well as the potential benefits they can have for little ones.

Activity Trail Surfaces for Schools

Activity trail surfaces for schools can be designed in a number of ways and there are also factors that should be taken into account, this extends further than the aesthetics and design- it should also include safety.

What do we mean by safety? Playgrounds often spring to mind when we talk about accidents at school, and they can’t be completely avoided. Nonetheless, precautions are imperative. As well as rules, regulations and play area monitors, it also comes down to the surroundings.

That is why we recommend wetpour and rubber mulch solutions for the ground, especially surrounding playground equipment. Both have been carefully cultivated to offer extra protection in case of a fall. Don’t worry the base shock pad, isn’t obvious and actually appears as normal concrete or flooring that we’re used to, only it does provide our children with a safer area.

Two of the safety-orientated, robust and sleek types of surfacing that we are referring to, are discussed in more detail below:

  • Wet Pour SurfacingWet Pour is also a rubber surfacing that you often see in schools and nurseries. Most of the time you will hear it called ‘soft tarmac’ or even rubber, it is made of two layers including a shock pad and helps prevent injuries.
  • Rubber Mulch– Ideal for muddy playgrounds, with a lot of grip, a soft surface and a natural look. The rubber mulch flooring is another great way to implement safety precautions for children’s school play.

Equipment for Adventure Trails

Soft surfaces are important, but you’ll also want to know more about the equipment for adventure trails. There’s no end to equipment, there are many different choices and just browsing them will have you feeling young again.

It’s all about ensuring that the kids get to enjoy their surroundings whilst simultaneously developing their physical attributes.

Some of the equipment for school trails includes:

  • EY Adventure Trail
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Lumber Stacks
  • Jungle Gyms
  • Traditional Play

There’s no reason to stick to just one of the above, all of them are exhilarating for children and by incorporating them, you can accommodate more pupils at once.

There are endless options for them, and the above categories allow for swings, balance logs, bridges and obstacles. Combined with a safe surface, they can be great for all students. The general age range is from five years old to twelve, ensuring that the entire primary school can embrace all that an adventure trail has to offer.

School Playground Obstacle Course

A boring outdoor space can be transformed into an exciting domain for children to progress, socialise and channel their energy. Obstacle courses can be made up of various apparatus, whether they are made to climb, duck-under, balance or simply sit on.

Use fitness-related play or assault-style courses that require a great setup for playground activities. You’ll be able to add the likes of duck and dive posts, chin-up bars, log pass, stairs, slides, traverse, netting and more.

As you delve into the possibilities, you become astonished with how many diverse obstacles and fun equipment are available at our fingertips. Schools don’t need to be dull or limited by space, instead they can be made enjoyable with good value courses sure to keep children fit and healthy.

Benefits of Adventure Playgrounds

It may seem as though these playgrounds are there to incite children into a frenzy before they begin their next class. There’s more to it than simply allowing pupils to have their one-hour to blow off steam. Instead, it has great value for each and every child.

Each individual will have their own preference, to what course or type of equipment they prefer. Regardless, there’s a long list of advantages. This includes physical health as well as much more.

Some of the benefits to adventure playgrounds include:

  • Motor Skills- All obstacles and playgrounds entail problem-solving, this creates skills in solving problems as well simultaneously improving motor skills. This could be holding and gripping small bars, as well as gross motor skills such as jumping and playing. Check out this post to learn more on the benefits of sensory activities.
  • Coordination- Similar to the above, different types of courses and playground games allow children to progress their skills. Different bars to hang from or beams to balance on, enable them to aid their eye-to-hand coordination.
  • Physical & Fitness Health- One of the more obvious benefits, has to be fitness. By introducing a playground with obstacles and equipment, it offers more reasons to run around and stay active.
  • Social Skills- Enjoyable physical tasks will encourage children to play together. They will soon get involved with helping each other finish the course, as well as giving each other tips. It’s a great way for them to come together and socialise.

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