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Tests for Playground Safety Flooring

You would usually carry out tests for playground safety flooring after the installation of a play facility. It will often be when the area has been used a lot over time and you need to check the quality. Whether it’s a grass mat, rhino mulch rubber bark, wet pour insitu synthetic surface or artificial grass with shockpad flooring. Completing the tests should help to identify and hazards or maintenance which the area may need.

Playground Testing Standards

The testing of the play areas is under the British Standards BS 7188, BSEN 1177 and BS EN 1176. These are the accreditations which you need to make sure the playing performance and safety requirements are to the standards set out. See more about each of these standards below:

  • The BS 7188 is a performance test that proves the surfaces meets the correct slip resistance and general playing characteristics. It’s important to check this so you can ensure the facility is safe for children running around, especially in wet weather.
  • The BSEN 1177 is the safety test that needs to be met for the CFH and HIC. This determines the Critical Fall Height and Head Injury Criteria set out from the playground equipment manufacturers and suppliers. The BS EN 1176 is also regarding the safe surfaces but is about the free fall space between the surface and the platform on the play area equipment.

When installing a safety surface for your playground you always want to make sure it meets these standards. This will help to ensure you have a safe and fun environment for kids to play.

Independent Play Area Tests

I would always suggest getting an independent report test certificate on this. Many schools, nurseries and local councils complete these tests for their play areas. At Soft Surfaces, we are able to provide you with an independent testing body. This could be on site tests or in an independent testing body laboratory.

It’s vital to keep children’s play facilities safe and secure. Over time the flooring can wear out and become slippery, knowing when to apply maintenance can help prevent accidents. If you do notice damage to the surface, we can supply a wetpour repair kit to fix it before it gets worse.

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Please contact us today for details on the tests or visit for information on the surfacing types. We can supply and install a range of safety surfaces in various designs so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team will be happy to give you a price for any work you need.

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