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Playground Installation Options

Soft Surfaces help many nurseries, schools and play parks across the country with their playground installation options.

Playground Designs Explained

Please see the video below which explains playground design options in more detail.

Please see transcript below:

00:00 Hi guys. It’s Dan from Soft Surfaces here and today we’re going to be explaining our school playgrounds.

00:05 We actually install school playgrounds across the United Kingdom and these are available in many different surface types. These include wet-pour, rubber-mulch and tarmacadam.

00:13 Generally, our most popular surface type for school playgrounds is wet-pour surfacing, which is the safety surface that’s available in many different colors and specifications to choose from.

00:22 For any more information about wet-pour surfacing or its benefits, please feel free to check out our other video about this.

00:27 Just like wet-pour surfacing, all of our school playground surfacing’s available in many different colors and specs to choose from, so please feel free to not hesitate to ask if there’s anything you’d like with your playground.

00:37 We have over 20 years of experience installing playground surfaces across the entire United Kingdom, so we really feel like we’re the company to go to if you’re looking to have one installed.

00:45 For any more information about this, please feel free to visit us,

Play Ground Surfacing

Depending on the specific requirements of each playground there are multiple surface options.

  • Tarmac – Is a more traditional type of playground surface as it is relatively cheap to lay in comparison to other options. It is tough, durable and long lasting.
  • Wetpour – This is a two-layer rubberised safety surface which comes in a variety of colours. It can be used as an educational tool by applying graphics and designs. It is a useful surface when using equipment in areas as it can provide CFH (Critical Fall Height) protection from trips and falls.
  • Rubber Mulch – has a natural look like bark chippings and comes in shades like brown and green. This is a single layer surface which also has impact absorbing qualities to help CFH. As it is made up of larger shreds of rubber to allow more room for flexing so it can be used around the bottoms of trees and existing equipment.
  • Leisure Grass – isn’t as hard wearing as some of the other options but it provides an aesthetically pleasing finish. It great for children’s reading areas where the desired effect is to provide a relaxing comfortable area.

Each surface will have it’s own specific benefits decisions will generally boil down to cost but when deciding on which surface you want to install. Have a careful look at your individual requirements.

For more information on playground installation options in the UK, including the different surface types available, please get in touch today.

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