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Rubber EPDM Spheres to Playground Surfaces

Rubber EPDM spheres are now a popular part of Wet Pour Soft Surfacing play areas due to their decorative and sensory properties. These rubber spheres can come in a range of different sizes and shapes and these include 300mm diameter, 400mm diam, 600mm diam & 1000mm for full spheres, 1000mm for ½ & ¾ spheres.

These Rubber safety floor globes can come in a number of different colours and these are Green, Blue, Yellow, Beige, Brown & Orange. These 3rd dimension circles, which are EPDM rubber top can be made into half ½ circles, three quarter ¾ circles and full circles. These play area 3D rubber spheres can be used as play equipment and can provide the play area with better aesthetics. They are fixed to the ground and there are 3 different methods of doing this and for this information.

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