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Soft Surfaces Work Experience Joe Taylor

Here at Soft Surfaces we love to give school students experience of a work environment, so over the last few weeks Joe Taylor has been visiting our office once a week for a work placement. We asked him to write an article about what he’s been up to and the things he has learned in his time here. Take a look at what he had to say below!

My Work Placement at Soft Surfaces Ltd

When we were arranging a work experience with my school, a business called Soft Surfaces came up. I was told that they were looking for help with social media, so this immediately caught my attention; much like the rest of my generation social media has taken a firm grip on me over the past five years and has become one of my passions. My expectations were that I would be told to help administer and run some of their social media accounts; I myself over the years have tinkered with my own YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts, so I was up to the challenge.

When my work experience started my expectations were almost met, I was given multiple jobs to help run and administer their social media accounts, such as updating their Pinterest account. We were also asked to make thumbnails for YouTube videos; I enjoyed this task because doing graphic work on Photoshop is one of my hobbies. We were also asked as a team to make a few videos for Soft Surfaces, including an animation on SCO. I have been working with a couple of my peers who came with me from my school, however the staff at the office we worked in were helpful and very friendly, which is not what I was expecting.

The most enjoyable job for me so far has been the graphics work and animation work; I see myself as a creative individual, who enjoys doing more hands on, practical work, rather than written work.

I would enjoy being more involved in the film editing side of the job, for although we have done some editing, it has been of premade or pre-structured films/animations.

My main goal for a career has always been to be a producer/director (preferably for BBC Sport and MOTD), however I have also heard of social media administrators who run professional football player Twitter accounts for them, and this job has definitely helped develop me for that pathway and given me an insight into a career in social media.

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