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Sports Surfacing Field Tests to Damaged Areas

Sports Surfacing Field Tests to damaged areas are carried out to older existing artificial surfaces which report the problems and more importantly give best advice on fixing the repair.

Repairs could be anything from a small seam joint repair to vandalism to the synthetic turf carpet and this can happen to any of the artificial surfaces including sand filled synthetic turf, sand dressed artificial grass, 3G sports surfaces, 4G artificial turf or even sports surfacing like polymeric flooring or rubber surfacing.

This information is crucial to the owner and client because inhouse testing can be carried out or the customer might decide to take out an independent report to make sure the reports are unique and from the testing report the owner can decide who to use to fix the repair or even purchase an artificial repair DIY kit.

For more details on sports surfaces tests please call 01625445760 or visit our website which shows other blogs to do with the varied surfacing test reports available.

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